Just what is a "Fund"?

Funds are passions put to good work.  As a donor, you select the type of fund that best matches your charitable goals.  You can either provide a gift to an existing fund, aligning your charitable goals with your personal financial situation (there are no gift minimums for contributions to established funds), or you can establish a new fund to help you achieve your philanthropic goals and to leave a personal legacy.


With over 250 different funds under management, the Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation has something (or can create something) for everyone.  Listed below are our current funds and how they serve or local area.

Endowed Funds listed in BOLD

Arts & Humanities:
This fund area is designed for those who make their connections through the arts. Through grants scholarships, and endowments, these funds foster diverse forms of supporting arts and humanities through educational opportunities, performances and programs that enhance individuals, families and our community.

Fund for the Arts

Aune Music Scholarship

Band Boosters Fund

Hazel Brink Music Scholarship Fund

Jeff Davies Scholarship for the Arts

Deer River Activity Boosters/Band Fund

Edge Center Endowment

Alan and Rose Ann Fritz Piano Scholarship

Grand Rapids Arts!

Grand Rapids Band Endowment

ICTV Investment Fund

Itasca Orchestra and Strings Endowment

Itasca Orchestral and Strings Program-Eleanor Downing and Maxine Miller Fund

Betty Kauppi Music Fund

MacRostie Art Center Endowment

Northern Community Radio Endowment (KAXE)

Robert and Margaret Pecha Youth in Arts Fund

Bill and Ruth Powers Education Award

Reif Arts Council Endowment

Strings Education Tax Credit Fund

Ginny Wilcox Endowment for the Arts

Many families and organizations connect to our environment. This fund area is for people and organizations dedicated to ensuring the quality of our lakes, rivers and forests.

1000 Lakes and Rivers Fund

1000 Lakes Scholarship Fund

Mockford Scholarship

Edge of the Wilderness National Scenic Byway Fund

Friends of the Forest History Center

Friends of the Forest History Center Nonendowed Fund

Max Fulton Forestry Scholarship Fund

Fund for the Environment

Greater Pokegama Lake Association Fund

Hill Lake Trail Association Fund

Itasca Area Forest Legacy Fund

Itasca County Trails Task Force Fund

Nik Rajala Memorial Fund

River Watch Fund

Peace and Safety:
We all live, work and play together in our community. Organizations and donors in this fund area provide support and resources to programs that enable us to connect to each other and our world in a safe and peaceful manner.

Advocates for Family Peace Endowment Fund

GRHS Post Prom Fund

Minnesota Deer Hunters Association Endowment

MN Shooting Sports Education Center Fund

Peace and Progress Donor Advised Fund

Alan Seagren Memorial Scholarship

Streufert Peace and Safety Fund

Jamie Tennison Memorial Compass Fund

Jamie Tennison Memorial NE Compass Fund


Individuals, organizations and families connect to our community and each other through projects and other service-related initiatives of volunteers, agencies and businesses.

Bigfork Lions Endowment

Community Marketing Task Force Fund

Community Nonendowed Fund

Deer River Area Community Fund

EJJ Memorial Fund

Freestone Community Club Scholarship

Grand Rapids Area Library Foundation Fund

Grand Rapids Farmer's Market Fund

Greater Itasca Area Community Fund

Greenway Area Community Fund

Hill City Area Community Fund

Hill City Area Community Scholarship

Hill City Community Scholarship Nonendowed Fund

Itasca County Historical Society Fund

Breck Liestman Memorial Fund

Carl and Margaret Mickelson/Kiwanis Scholarship

Nashwauk Area Community Fund

Northland Scholarship Endowed Fund

Northland Scholarship Fund NonEndowment

Remer Depot Endowment

Remer Depot Operating Fund

Wayne Mills/Chet Johnson Rotary Fund

United Way of 1000 Lakes Endowment Fund

United Way of 1000 Lakes Fund

Voice of Democracy Fund

Warren Youngdahl Fund


Sports, Recreation and Animals:
Recreation and caring for animals is an important part of enjoying our life here in the Greater Itasca Area. We are fortunate to have an abundance of outdoor spaces that enable recreation year-round. From grooming snowmobile trails to encouraging students to enter the field of veterinary care, these funds enable our families to enjoy being and playing together.

Bonner Hockey Scholar Award

Coach Ted Brill Hockey Scholarship

Community Park Endowed Fund

Community Park Task Force

Coach Tom Drazenovich Scholarship Fund

Edge of the Wilderness Student Golf Fund

Gary Ehalt "His Love For Animals" Veterinary Scholarship

Friends for Animal Welfare Fund

Grand Rapids Alumni Complex Development Fund

Grand Rapids Area Hockey Association (GRAHA) Hockey Day

Grand Rapids Dog Park Fund

Grand Rapids/Greenway Swim Association Scholarship

Grand Rapids High School Boys Soccer Team Community Fund

Grand Rapids Hockey Golf Classic Fund

Grand Rapids Sports Hall of Fame Fund

Hannula Aviation Scholarship

Itasca Driftskippers Snowmobile Club Endowment

Junior Golf Scholarship

Cliff Kauppi Youth Hockey Fund

Jennifer Koprowski Scholarship

Keith Newstrom Memorial Aviation Scholarship

Spartan Booster Club Fund

Star of the North Humane Society Fund

Fund for Animals

Strong families are the backbone of our communities. Donors and agencies in this fund area center their attention on directly connecting to families and the community. From workforce development and youth to parent education, these funds provide tangible ways we can actively impact each other.

Angel of Hope Fund

Bridges Mentoring Endowment

Children's Discovery Museum Endowment

Children's Discovery Museum School Enhancement Fund

Stanley and Helen Kangas Senior Sharing Fund

KOOTASCA Community Action, Inc. Fund

Kosak Family Fund

Fund for Women

North Homes, Inc. Fund

Star of the North Lions Youth Fund

YMCA Youth Program Endowment

Youth for Christ Endowment

Reducing Barriers:
Individuals, organizations and businesses are interested in the well-being of everyone in our community. Realizing that each of us faces hardships in our life, these funds grant to organizations that help reduce barriers for individuals and families in crisis situation who live in the Greater Itasca Area.

Crisis Grant Fund

Endowed Sharing Fund

Grand Rapids Public Utilities Community Caring Fund

Edgar and Hannah Hetteen Fund

Itasca County Habitat for Humanity Fund

Itasca County Sharing Fund

Delbert Matteson Second Harvest NC Food Bank Endowment Fund

Mobility Mania Accessibility For All Fund

Wayne K. Mills Salvation Army Fund

Rural Leadership Access Fund

Samaritan Fund

Second Harvest N Central Food Bank Endowment

Veterans Support Emergency Fund

Veterans Support Fund

Health and Well-Being:
This fund area is intended to reach organizations and people who connect through quality health care. The funds, grants and scholarships offered here provide concrete programs, education and resources which address the unique needs of wellness and well-being in this rural setting of the Greater Itasca Area.

Alzheimer's Family Support Fund

Mel and Lucille Beier Cancer Crisis Fund

Bigfork Valley Hospital Endowment

Blandin Employees for Life Fund

Dederick Memorial Scholarship Fund

Sophie D. Delich Hospice Nursing Scholarship

Diamond Willow Advancement in Healthcare Scholarship Fund

ElderCircle Fund

Grand Itasca Foundation Fund

Grand Itasca Clinic and Hospital Volunteer Services Scholarship

Itasca Area Cancer Crisis Endowment

Itasca Area Cancer Crisis Fund

Itasca Area Cancer Crisis Operating Fund

Itasca Hospice Foundation

Itasca Life Options

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Kelly Scholarship

Lifetime Smiles Fund

Mental Health Education Fund

Dr. Jules and Ilo Meyer Medical Scholarship

Minnesota Rural Health School Fund

Restore A Smile Fund

Betty Shannon Scholarship Fund

Excellence in Education:
People and organizations in this area understand the importance of connecting through education. Through scholarships, grants, programs and endowments, these types of funds provide a significant resource to make a meaningful and lasting educational impact on the lives of individuals and our entire community.

Grand Rapids AAUW Anniversary Scholarship

Grand Rapids AAUW Anniversary Nonendowed Fund

Zack Adams Memorial Scholarship Fund

Catherine Anderson Memorial Scholarship

Jerry and Cathie (Saxhaug) Anderson Scholarship

Lou and Mary Alice Barle Memorial Scholarship

Robert and Shirley Bennett Scholarship

Lilah Maddy Brandon Scholarship

Nicole Calgaro Memorial Scholarship

Deer River School Endowment

District 318 Endowment

District 318 Non-Endowed Fund

Eagle Scholarship

Dede Emerson Fund

Turna E. Fletcher Scholarship

Forest Lake Elementary - Sydney Gray Scholarship Fund

Grace Christian School Endowment

Rae Graham Scholarship

GRHS Class of '85 Legacy Scholarship

Greater Itasca STEM (Gibbons Family)

Greenway Spanish (Gibbons Family)

Ed and Eleanore Gregerson Scholarship

Sulo Herrala Scholarship Fund

G.J. Holt Family Scholarship

Ruth Hurlbert Scholarship

Lavona M. Jasper Scholarship

Latterell Family Scholarship

N-K Alumni and Friends Foundation Fund

N-K Friends Nonendowed Fund

Petersen-Menefee Fund

Steven Pietila Memorial Scholarship

Bill Prigge Memorial Economic Scholarship

Myles Reif Memorial Scholarship

Dan Retka Memorial Scholarship

St. John's Catholic Church of Hill City Scholarship Fund

John Setterberg Memorial Scholarship

Truman and Borghild (Bud) Shoaff Memorial Family Fund

Brad Smith Memorial Scholarship

Southwest Elementary - Bill Gray Scholarship Fund


Creating Opportunity:
This fund area is designed to support individuals and families in our community with bright goals and dreams. These funds provide grants and scholarships to deserving students and organizations who may have limited opportunities for other support to help them achieve their potential.

Phil and Pat Anderson Education Support Fund

Melvin and Lucille Beier Family Scholarship

Community Foundation General Scholarship

The Barb James Memorial Scholarship

Frances Bartos King-James E. King Scholarship


Workforce Support and Development:
This fund area focuses on the importance of our local economy and workforce. Providing grants and scholarships that strengthen our current and future workforce is important to maintain a vibrant community that supports jobs and careers for individuals and families right here at home.

Bob Frick Memorial Scholarship

Furlong Scholarship Fund

Greater Itasca VoTech / Community College (Gibbons Family)

Greater Itasca WORKFORCE READY Education Awards

J.W. Kumpula Scholarship

Edgar R and Bess R Mullins Award

Northern MN Builders Association Endowed Fund

Erling and Fran Willadson Scholarship


Commitment to a Philanthropic Lifestyle:
This fund area is designed for individuals and families who connect to their world through a significant lifestyle of giving back to community. By establishing a Donor Advised Fund, individuals and families advise the Community Foundation about the unique ways they choose to directly connect to their community.

Dick and Jean Anderson Advised Fund

Anderson/Hubbard Family Fund

Anonymous Donor Advised Fund

Blue Heron Fund

Peter Burich and Gloria Sella Burich Fund

Nick and Nancy Eltgroth Fund

Encourage Fund

Gibbons Family Fund

Gibbons Family Donor Advised Fund

Glorvigen Family Fund

Glorvigen Family Nonendowed Fund

John and Gina Hawkinson Endowment

John and Gina Hawkinson Advised Fund

Inspire Fund

Corinne Gibson Ivanca Family Fund

Ives Family Fund

Tom and Tina Karges Donor Advised Fund

The Ladyslipper Fund

Kent and Judy MacAlpine Fund

William and Norma Odegard Fund

Donald R. and Betty T. Olson Memorial Fund

Wendy and Denny Roy Donor Advised Fund

Sandstrom Family Fund

White Birch Fund

Robert and Virginia Wickman Endowment

Wildcat Fund

Wilcox Development Award

Clair and Ginny Wilcox Fund

Vickie and Steve Wilcox Last Leaf 2010


Corporate Giving:
A Corporate Giving Fund with the Community Foundation makes giving back to the community easy and can prevent distractions to the important work of running a business. You define the giving parameters your business wants to achieve, requestors and nonprofit organizations apply through our online application process, and the Community Foundation works with you—on your schedule—to connect the best fit for you business’ charitable giving.

Downtown Business Association

Economic Development Projects Nonendowed Fund

GRSB Financial Focus Scholarship

IEDC Endowment

MagGlobal LLC Corporate Giving Fund

MagGlobal LLC "Excellence in Education" Scholarship

MDI Success at Work Scholarship Fund

MDI Success at Work Nonendowed Fund

Terry and Muggs Matteson L&M Appreciation Scholarship Fund


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