Just what is a "Fund"?

Funds are passions put to good work.  As a donor, you select the type of fund that best matches your charitable goals.  You can either provide a gift to an existing fund, aligning your charitable goals with your personal financial situation (there are no gift minimums for contributions to established funds), or you can establish a new fund to help you achieve your philanthropic goals and to leave a personal legacy.


With over 250 different funds under management, the Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation has something (or can create something) for everyone.

We publish an Annual Report each Spring.  In our Annual Report, we list all our funds, grants and donors.  To get a better idea of the work we do, our funds are categorized according to the areas of support they provide.

Below are the current categories of funds at the Community Foundation.  Read our Annual Reports (online flip books) for more information.  If you would like a hard copy of the current edition of our Annual Report, please stop by or call the Foundation at (218) 999-9100.

Arts & Humanities:
This fund area is designed for those who make their connections through the arts. Through grants scholarships, and endowments, these funds foster diverse forms of supporting arts and humanities through educational opportunities, performances and programs that enhance individuals, families and our community.

Many families and organizations connect to our environment. This fund area is for people and organizations dedicated to ensuring the quality of our lakes, rivers and forests.

Peace and Safety:
We all live, work and play together in our community. Organizations and donors in this fund area provide support and resources to programs that enable us to connect to each other and our world in a safe and peaceful manner.

Individuals, organizations and families connect to our community and each other through projects and other service-related initiatives of volunteers, agencies and businesses.

Sports, Recreation and Animals:
Recreation and caring for animals is an important part of enjoying our life here in the Greater Itasca Area. We are fortunate to have an abundance of outdoor spaces that enable recreation year-round. From grooming snowmobile trails to encouraging students to enter the field of veterinary care, these funds enable our families to enjoy being and playing together.

Strong families are the backbone of our communities. Donors and agencies in this fund area center their attention on directly connecting to families and the community. From workforce development and youth to parent education, these funds provide tangible ways we can actively impact each other.

Reducing Barriers:
Individuals, organizations and businesses are interested in the well-being of everyone in our community. Realizing that each of us faces hardships in our life, these funds grant to organizations that help reduce barriers for individuals and families in crisis situation who live in the Greater Itasca Area.

Health and Well-Being:
This fund area is intended to reach organizations and people who connect through quality health care. The funds, grants and scholarships offered here provide concrete programs, education and resources which address the unique needs of wellness and well-being in this rural setting of the Greater Itasca Area.

Excellence in Education:
People and organizations in this area understand the importance of connecting through education. Through scholarships, grants, programs and endowments, these types of funds provide a significant resource to make a meaningful and lasting educational impact on the lives of individuals and our entire community.

Creating Opportunity:
This fund area is designed to support individuals and families in our community with bright goals and dreams. These funds provide grants and scholarships to deserving students and organizations who may have limited opportunities for other support to help them achieve their potential.

Workforce Support and Development:
This fund area focuses on the importance of our local economy and workforce. Providing grants and scholarships that strengthen our current and future workforce is important to maintain a vibrant community that supports jobs and careers for individuals and families right here at home.

Commitment to a Philanthropic Lifestyle:
This fund area is designed for individuals and families who connect to their world through a significant lifestyle of giving back to community. By establishing a Donor Advised Fund, individuals and families advise the Community Foundation about the unique ways they choose to directly connect to their community.

Corporate Giving:
A Corporate Giving Fund with the Community Foundation makes giving back to the community easy and can prevent distractions to the important work of running a business. You define the giving parameters your business wants to achieve, requestors and nonprofit organizations apply through our online application process, and the Community Foundation works with you—on your schedule—to connect the best fit for you business’ charitable giving.


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