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ONE application, over 80 scholarship and grant opportunities!!


The Community Foundation administers more than 80 different educational funds, each with unique criteria. We submit your single application to each scholarship for which you qualify.

Scholarship Information

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Scholarship Payments:  All scholarships are paid directly to the school.  Read more...

Providing Scholarships

Individuals, families, businesses and other organizations can support local students, class rooms and schools through the Community Foundation.


You can start your own fund or donate to an existing educational fund.

If you are interested in learning more about supporting education, please contact the Community Foundation at (218) 999-9100.


The Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation partners with businesses, associations, families and other foundations to provide grants and scholarships in the Greater Itasca Area.


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  • Terry & Muggs Matteson L&M Appreciation Scholarships - Offers scholarships to L&M employees and their families.


  • Northern MN Builders' Association - Offered to NMBA members and non-members for anyone interested in studying or working in the Building Trades.


  • Greater Itasca WORKFORCE READY Education Awards - Working with private donors and local area businesses, WORKFORCE READY provides education grants for people entering or currently in the Greater Itasca Area workforce.  From testing and certifications to other educational needs, these educational grants are intended to address the needs of our local workforce.


  • Blandin Foundation - Offers need-based educational grants to students ages 18 to 25.  Applications are accessed on the Blandin Foundation website. DEADLINE IS MARCH 1st


     Applications are accepted from January 1 to May 1.



      Applications are accepted from January 15 to March 15.


  • Itasca Community College Foundation - Whether you are a new or continuing student, full or part-time, if you plan to attend ICC you can apply.  Through a special partnership with Blandin Foundation, all students attending ICC are automatically considered for a Blandin Foundation grant (no separate application is needed).


      Applications are accepted during February and March.


Apply for Scholarships & Educational Grants

Apply for scholarships and Educational Grants


All applications are submitted online at our Scholarship Portal.

You must "create a new account" the first time you visit.

Click here to watch a video on how to create a new account at our Scholarship Portal.


For High School Applications:

Your transcripts and a completed Activities Form must be uploaded (attached) to your application. Choose one:

Activities Form (Microsoft Word 79-2003 fromat)

Activities Form (Microsoft .docx version)



We are interested in your goals, hopes, dreams and your story.

We know that all training, certification and higher education are expensive, and we are here to help you reach your goals, regardless of your inclome level.


You do not need to have a FAFSA or any FAFSA report to apply and receive scholarships through the Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation.



Recommendation FORMS and LETTERS

New for 2015 all recommendations will be done via our scholarship portal.

  1. Applicants simply enter the email of the person you would like to give you a recommendation.  

  2. The recommendee will will a recieve an email with a link to where they can complete the recommendation form.  No log-in or registration required by the recommendee.

  3. Once the submit button is pressed, The recommendation form will automatically be attached to the scholarship application.


Applicants CAN NOT view the recommendation form,

but will see if it has been competed or not.


Reoccurring Scholarships: You must submit a copy of your cumulative transcripts to the Community Foundation at the end of each semester (usually June and December) in order to have your next payment sent.



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