Even in winter, we've got it growin' on!

A herd...a gaggle...a CROP! A crop of local farmers gathered at Bryndlewood Gardens to accept three grants from The Community Foundation's Annual Grant Cycle.

The Grand Rapids Farmers' Market accepted a total of $4,500 for their Mighty Matching Dollar (SNAP) Incentive.

With the Mighty Matching Dollar Program, when a SNAP recipient shops at the local Farmers' Market, they use their SNAP card, and receive an equal amount (up to $10) in tokens to spend on fresh local produce.

This system is a win-win. SNAP recipients double their food value - well, more than double - because they are able to obtain local farm fresh produce, and the local farmers receive fair payment for their food and labor.

Photo left: Farmers walk between "high tunnels" or "hoop houses" at Bryndlewood Gardens.

Photo Right: Brianna Spry, Community Foundation, presents three grants for Mighty matching Dollar Program.

Special thanks to the Gibbons Family Fund, Peace and Progress Fund and Edgar and Hannah Hetteen Fund that made these grants possible through the Community Foundation's Annual Grant Cycle.

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