Annual Grants support youth and provide funding for critical medical training

Youth for Christ, Support Within Reach and the Remer Area Ambulance Service are providing medical emergency training and support for area youth.

“We are pleased to support these important area services through our Annual Grant Cycle,” says Sarah Copeland, Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation, Director of Grants, and Programs. “They each provide critical and immediate services to those in our community when they need it the most.”

[PHOTO: L-R: Laura Nelson (Grand Rapids), Caralee Geisler, Administration; Duane Geisler, Executive Director, Youth For Christ; and Donna Hamm (Hill City) make PBJs for youth at the Ground Floor. Volunteers like Laura and Donna make all the difference to youth at the Ground Floor.]

Youth For Christ supports area youth at the Ground Floor

Youth for Christ provides a drop-in facility that is a safe and positive environment for all area youth ages 15 – 19. Their mission is to care, mentor, and develop friendships with youth through a faith-based approach and provide opportunities that are safe, welcoming, and inclusive.

The Ground Floor venue provides a variety of activities that include billiards, ping-pong, Xbox, Wii, music, big screen TV, dances, karaoke, and bands. Kids spend hours connecting with staff, and their peers. Most of the youth will easily articulate their understanding and appreciation of the safe and non-judgmental attitude of the Ground Floor. “Youth For Christ understands the importance of meeting kids ‘where they are’, and actively showing youth that there are local people who actually care about them,” says Copeland. “YFC is the only local organization who serves – unconditionally serves – this older, teen age group. There really aren’t places to go around here that don’t cost money. The Community Foundation is happy to support this often-forgotten segment of our community.” Check out the videos with this link.

Youth For Christ has an endowment at the Community Foundation. Anyone can support the programs and operations of Youth For Christ by leaving a lasting gift through a will or estate plan. With a grant from the Edgar and Hannah Hetteen Fund, youth will now have access to low or no-cost food while at the Ground Floor.

[PHOTO: L-R: Evelyn Feilding, Katy Carpenter, Jamie Drewlow and Caroline Larson, all staff at Support Within Reach, accept grants from the Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation through the Annual Grant Cycle.]

Support Within Reach provides Sexual Assault Examination Training to Itasca County Emergency Room personnel

Support Within Reach is a private, non-profit, community service organization serving residents and those impacted by incidents of sexual violence in Aitkin, Beltrami, Cass, Clearwater, Hubbard, and Itasca Counties.

Support Within Reach provides emergency room nurses training in adult sexual assault examinations, including basic forensic collection and documentation. This training allows all nurses to provide skillful and compassionate care to victims while meeting BCA collection requirements and post-assault needs (STD and drug screening and possible pregnancy concerns) of any individual victim, 13 and older, seen in an Itasca County Emergency room. The main purpose of this project is to provide training to emergency room personnel, so they provide professional health care services and are well trained forensic experts for victims of sexual assault. Victims are being served by trained, confident and compassionate professionals after a traumatic personal experience. Ongoing communication with Emergency Room Directors ensure that staff is trained on an annual and regular basis. The three-hour Interactive training includes forensic documentation, evidence collection and hands on training using the BCA sexual assault evidence kit. By adhering to an annual format, this training allows ER nurses to be more comfortable and competent when working with victims of sexual violence. In addition, each ER has a manual that includes step-by-step instructions. The manuals are updated on an annual basis.

Along with training, the SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) coordinator can follow up on any remaining concerns that arise from training evaluations/feedback. It is also through this training that nurses are recruited to become SANE's for the community-based program. The nurses provide on-call expertise alleviating the need for ER staff to complete exams. This training ensures the best possible care to victims thus reducing the impact and harm of sexual violence in the communities we serve. “We are grateful for the ability to continue to partner with the Community Foundation to provide programs to the community,” says Caroline Larson, Executive Director, Support Within Reach.

The Fund for Women and Streufert Peace and Safety Fund are providing funding.

[PHOTO: Myrtl, the Support Within Reach Puppy Mascot is most adorable puppy we’ve seen in a long time. She provides comfort at Support Within Reach.]

[PHOTO: Robert Dahlsgaard; Brianna Spry, Program Administrator, Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation; Diane Ammerman, Sheila Lego, and Victoria Furman, all with the Remer Area Ambulance Service.]

Remer Area Ambulance Service updates new training room equipment

The Remer Area Ambulance Service (RAAS) is located in Remer, Minnesota. One of the few volunteer services left in Minnesota, Remer has two paid employees and 21 volunteers which currently staff the ambulance service.

The Remer Area Ambulance serves a resident population of 2,500, in a geographical area of 465 square miles. Included in that geographical area are 15 townships and two villages. Remer is an important part of our Greater Itasca Area community.

The Remer Ambulance Service has moved into a new building and is in the process of updating their training area including a new Laedal Resusci Anne QCPR, Professional CPR Infant Training Manikin with Monitor, Adult Airway Management Trainer with stand, table, and chairs. Also known as Rescue Anne, Resusci Annie, or CPR Annie, is a model of training manikin used for teaching cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to both emergency workers and members of the general public.

Remer needed to update Rescue Annie and purchase training tables and chairs for the continued monthly and yearly skills training required of EMT's and First Responders. According to Diane Ammerman, the Chief of RAAS for the past 27 years, “I oversee the operations of RAAS along with six board members and I have seen RAAS go from 30-40 calls / responses per year to over 200. The training for new Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) has increased from 80 hours to 160 hours,” she says.

The role of Emergency Medical Services continues to change, and the cost of training, and equipment and supplies necessary for patient treatment is increasing. Funding for new equipment is provided by the Greater Itasca Area Community Fund and will help to make Remer an Emergency Service that our communities can continue to count on in their time of need. Copeland adds, “Stop in the new facility any time. I’m sure they’d love to give you a tour. Just don’t forget to grab a scone at Higher Grounds Coffee Shop first!”

The Board of Directors and staff at the Community Foundation send a huge thank you to our donors who participate in our Annual Grant Cycle and directly assist us in our mission of making our community a better place to live for all.

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