Local foundations work together for community good

Philanthropic, or philanthropy, means the love of humanity or seeking to promote the well-being of others. Often, people associate philanthropy with foundations. While foundations are only part of philanthropy, we are fortunate to have several local foundations that each, with their separate missions, often work together to provide for our greater good. Blandin Foundation, ICC Foundation, Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation and Grand Itasca Foundation are four foundations right here, serving the Greater Itasca Area.

Grand Itasca Foundation and Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation partner for excellence in health care

Grand Itasca Foundation has an agency endowment fund with the Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation. “We are so pleased that we can help Grand Itasca Foundation invest in supporting the mission of Grand Itasca Clinic & Hospital – now and for future generations,” states Chris Fulton, Executive Director of the Community Foundation.

Grand Itasca Foundation established their endowment in 2000 as a part of a Challenge Grant from the Blandin Foundation that was administered though the Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation. At the time, Grand Itasca Foundation’s Board of Directors took advantage of this matching gift opportunity to establish an endowment for the long-term sustainability and investment in health care for our community.

“The Grand Itasca Foundation Endowment is the perfect model of how agency endowments work,” says Fulton. “The Community Foundation invests the Grand Itasca Foundation Endowment (along with other endowments) and provides the Grand Itasca Foundation with a portion of their earnings each year. The Grand Itasca Foundation, in turn, uses those earnings (distribution) to provide equipment and programs for their patients. Because it’s an endowment, the distributions will always be available.”

Grand Itasca Foundation exemplifies patient-centered service

Throughout the last 18 years, gifts to the Grand Itasca Foundation Endowment have supported many projects at Grand Itasca including new flat screen TVs in patient rooms and an infant warmer in Women’s Health and Birth department.

Endowment Funds allow continual reinvestment

Endowment funds allow Grand Itasca Foundation’s Board of Directors to continually reinvest in new services, programs and equipment at Grand Itasca so that their medical teams can provide the highest level of quality care to our community.

This year, the Imaging Department at Grand Itasca was able to upgrade their equipment to provide 3D mammography to their patients. Grand Itasca patients now have the option to choose 3D mammography, thanks in large part to a grant from Grand Itasca Foundation.

According to Dr. Rebecca Kuntz, Radiologist, “This state-of-the-art technology produces more detailed pictures of the breast, which reduces the number of false-positives and the number of patients we have to ask to come back for scans. With on-site radiology, we’re able to provide same-day diagnostic scan results, so our patients can move forward with their lives.”

“If breast cancer is detected, it’s our goal to quickly provide the best in education and effective care,” says Dr. Lisa Owens, General Surgeon. “Our on-site team works together with each patient to customize the best treatment plan. We ensure that patients feel supported and know they are getting the best possible care, close to home.”

From screening to treatment, patients at Grand Itasca are never alone. “Our expertise sets us apart from other screening centers,” says Kim Morse, RT(R)(M). “Our technologists have more than 50 years of combined mammography experience. We have the skill and compassion to provide our patients the comfort and confidence they deserve.”

It is easy to be a part of supporting patient-centered health care at Grand Itasca.

Donating to the Grand Itasca Foundation Endowment makes your gift a forever gift. Some people provide memorial or birthday gifts to an endowment in appreciation for the exceptional care. Others simply understand the value of having a local clinic and hospital for the care and services they provide, and feel compelled to support the largest local employer.

Annual cash donations, gifts of stock and planned gifts are three easy ways to play a major role in giving back to your community. Please contact Grand Itasca Foundation or the Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation to learn more. Visit the Grand Itasca website at: www.granditasca.org/Foundation.

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