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PHOTO: Annual Grant Cycle page of the Community Foundation Website: click here to go to the page

Over the last 20 years, the Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation has invited nonprofit organizations to submit applications for our Annual Grant Cycle from Jul 15 – September 15. Fortunately, during this time, the Community Foundation’s ability to provide grants has grown. Along with the addition and growth of funds, caring and generous donors have provided grants from their funds to meet the expanding community needs.

“Everything is new for our 2018 Annual Grant Cycle”, says Sarah Copeland, Director of Grants and Programs for the Community Foundation. “Applying for a grant is now a two-step process”, notes Brianna Spry, Program Administrator at the Community Foundation. “We have instructions on our website that show the two separate steps. An organization requesting a grant completes and submits a short application at our regular Grant Portal, which is the same as it’s always been. The new part is that application needs to be saved.” Copeland jumped in and added, “Another new aspect is that no one needs to attach a budget. That’s an added bonus!”

Brianna Spry and Sarah Copeland administer the Annual Grant Cycle and are very excited about this new process, but in all actuality, it’s not that different as far as requesting grants.

Here is how requesting a grant works:

To Get Help For charitable organizations who want to request support: (apply for a grant)

From July 15 - September 15


Go to the Grants and Getting Help Page of the Community Foundation website. (click here)


Read all the information about our new Annual Grant Cycle 2018, and then go to the Grant Portal. (There is a button on the website that says "Enter Grant Portal", which you can simply click and it will take you right to the Grant Portal)

  1. You will first complete an Annual Grant Cycle Supplement 2018. (that’s the application)

  2. Submit your Annual Grant Cycle Supplement 2018 and then save a copy of that application. You will need the PDF file for Step 3.

  3. No attaching a budget anymore!


Return to the Grants and Getting Help Page of the Community Foundation website.

There is a button on the website that says “Are You on the List?” which you click to see if your group or organization is eligible to apply.

  1. If you are on the list, click your link, and complete the Grant Request Information page. You will need a photo for your organization's request (you can use your logo or other appropriate representation of your project or program), and the PDF you saved of your Annual Grant Cycle Supplement 2018

  2. If you are not on the list, call the Community Foundation at (218) 999-9100 to see if you are eligible to request a grant.

The deadline is approaching quickly.

Both steps of the application process need to be completed by midnight of September 15. During last year’s Annual Grant Cycle, the Community Foundation, along with various donors, endowments and other funds provided over $100,000 back to the Greater Itasca Area.

What does your organization need?

What programs are you providing to the community that need some additional support?

Let us know! Apply for a grant during our Annual Grant Cycle – but act quickly – the deadline is September 15.

If you have any problems or questions, please call Brianna Spry or Sarah Copeland at the Community Foundation (218) 999-9100. They are happy to provide information on how to apply for a grant.

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