Area Community Funds hold Open House Events on Giving Tuesday, November 27

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving was three days ago. Many people ask, “What is your favorite part about Thanksgiving?” Most of our answers may immediately turn to some type of food. “For me, it’s a simple sandwich with turkey, cranberry sauce and mayonnaise. You know, I can make that sandwich any time of the year, just as easily as I can make peanut butter and jelly. The feeling I get when I am making that turkey sandwich, pulling leftover containers out of the fridge with my kids, only happens on Thanksgiving,” says Sarah Copeland, Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation Director of Grants and Programs.

Being thankful for what we have: a warm house, family, memories, food on the table, close neighbors or good church friends – not everyone has a community like this. Our communities are incredible. They are thankful, supportive and giving. That is why the Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation is continuing their “Community Giving to Community” campaign by showcasing several events on Giving Tuesday – this upcoming Tuesday - November 27 to build five Area Community Funds. Check out your local Area Community Fund on Giving Tuesday, November 27. Meet the volunteers, learn more and enjoy refreshments.

PHOTO ABOVE: (Left to right) Carmen Hawkins; Gwenn Smith, Deer River Area Community Fund Chair; Ann Lind; Mike DeWitt and Dianne Sunquist.

Why November 27? Every year, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving is referred to as Giving Tuesday, an internationally recognized day of giving back to the causes you love. This special day follows Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, and is a day dedicated to taking a break from gift shopping for your favorite people and instead give a gift to your favorite charitable cause.

"We are always excited about the Community Giving to Community campaign events on Giving Tuesday,” says Chris Fulton, Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation Executive Director. “This is a great time to stop in and say hello to your friends and meet new neighbors who care about your community. You don’t have to like coffee to stop in and chat.”

The five Area Community Funds provide a way for citizens and businesses to give to their local community. These new and growing Community Funds are in the areas surrounding Deer River, Greenway, Hill City, Nashwauk, and the Greater Itasca Area. Each Fund has an advisory committee of local volunteers that oversee grants for programs and activities throughout the community. Annual earnings derived from the invested endowment are granted to local non-profit and charitable needs that benefit local organizations and families.

Community Funds are truly the gift that keeps on giving. During the campaign, when you give to an Area Community Fund, your donation is doubled. Plus, your gift continues to give each year because Community Funds are endowed, which means that the annual money going back to your community is a portion of the interest. The bulk of the endowment grows and lasts forever.

Stop in, meet the Advisory Committee members, and learn about what has been happening with your Area Community Fund on Tuesday, November 27.

Deer River Area Community Fund

Location: Deer River High School Commons

Open House Times: 4 – 6 p.m.

The Deer River Area Community Fund provided reusable cloth logo bags to volunteers at the Deer River Food Shelf. Stop in to the High School Commons from 4 to 6 p.m. to find out about what else is happening with the Deer River Area Community Fund – and pick up your own bag!

Fund Advisory Committee Members include: Richard Anderson, Linda Baker, Emily Benham, Gerry Dederick, Marsha Green, Amber Konsjord, Jim Peterson, Heather Schjenken, and Gwenn Smith.

Hill City Area Community Fund

Location: City Hall Community Room

Open House Times: 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

The Hill City Area Community Fund has been actively growing for many years. Stop by the Community Room at City Hall to find out what the fund has been doing and how you can help Hill City meet its goal! The Hill City Area has much to be proud of – join us for some coffee and refreshments.If you can’t make the Hill City gathering, there will be a separate Open House in Palisade from 1:30 – 3:30 p.m. at Gabby’s Eats and Treats.

Fund Advisory Committee Members include: Grace Derfler, Tom Fasteland, Sue Kaslow, Dan Kingsley, Bill Klennert, David Lange, Mike Lentz, Ann Marcotte, Darrell Mishler, Maureen Mishler, Stephanie Payment, and Pat Rendle.

Greater Itasca Area Community Fund

Location: Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation

Open House Times: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

The Greater Itasca Area Community Fund will provide coffee and conversation at the Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation office located in downtown Grand Rapids (across from Old Central School). We just provided over $2,000 in grants back to the Greater Itasca Area. Stop in to help us celebrate!

Fund Advisory Committee Members include: Gwynne Bobich, Kelly Hain, BJ Hansen, Mary Ives, Mary Kosak, and Bud Schneider.

Greenway Area Community Fund

Locations: RJ’s Market Place (Coleraine)

Open House Times: 2p.m. – 5 p.m.

The Greenway Area Community Fund is hosting two Open House Events. Pick the location that is most convenient for you or stop by both! We will Double Your Donation, and you can double your doughnuts!

Fund Advisory Committee Members include: Putty Arm, Daidre Breen, Jane Chamberlain, Barb Gibeau, Cricket Guyer, LaNea Johnson, Bob Lawson, Carissa Nelson, Maria Peluso, Claire Peterlin, Mindy Tammi, Lynda Tarbuck, Casey Venema, Kim Venema, and Ann Vidovic.

Nashwauk Area Community Fund

Location: American Bank - Nashwauk

Open House Times: 11 a.m. – 5:30 p.m

Nashwauk just provided over $10,000 in grants that support programs in the Nashwauk Area. Stop in for refreshments and see how the Nashwauk Area is ! Donations will be doubled!

Fund Advisory Committee Members include: Denny Blomberg, Aaron Clusiau, Stephen Dasovich, Ben DeNucci, Brian Gangl, Robin Gangl, Beth Ann Mackey, Sara Smestad, Warren Stolp, and Beth Voight.

Donations to a Community Fund can take many forms, from cash to gifts of assets such as property or stock. All gifts and donations to Area Community Funds are accepted through the Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation and go directly to the specified Area Community Fund. You can make your donation in person, through the mail or online. Call (218) 999-9100 to find out more about donating assets to support your favorite community fund. We can help you arrange something now, or as part of a future estate plan.

Checks must be made payable to: The Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation. Place the name of your Community Fund on the memo line.

Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation

350 NW 1st Avenue, Suite E, Grand Rapids, MN 55744

Phone – (218) 999-9100

Stop in to your local Open House, meet the volunteers, and learn about your Area Community Fund on Tuesday, November 27!

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