Salvation Army helps those experiencing critical life events

Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation supports Salvation Army programs

The Salvation Army received $10,500 to fund the Outreach Dignity and Beds for those in Crisis programs during the Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation’s Annual Grant Cycle. “We are very fortunate to have the Salvation Army active in our community,” says Brianna Spry, Program Administrator at the Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation. “Their programs provide crucial services to ensure people in crisis have the support needed to rebuild their lives.”

PHOTO: Lindsay Curtiss accepts grants from the Edgar and Hannah Hetteen and Gibbons Family funds for Salvation Army programs. (L-R) Chris Fulton, Executive Director, Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation; Lindsay Curtiss, Salvation Army and Cathy Sayward, Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation.

Outreach Dignity – providing clothing to Challenge graduates

The Outreach Dignity program provides basic clothing to the participants graduating from the Challenge Incarceration Program at the Correctional Facility in Togo, MN. If clothing is not provided, they must attend their graduation ceremony and leave with their families in prison attire. “We believe that regular ‘street’ clothing helps these men transition, emotionally and psychologically, for a more positive re-entry into society,” states Kathleen Saelens, Salvation Army Case Worker. “They deserve dignity and their new clothing also serves the dual purpose for job interviews when released.”

The Challenge Program is voluntary, and participants can have four years reduced from their sentence by completing an intensive, six-month military-style boot camp followed by two months of restorative justice work in our communities. They have a 73% rate at Togo for non-recidivism. Togo averages 13 graduates per month or around 156-160 per year. These men are escorted to the Salvation Army each month to shop for a pair of dress pants, shirt, belt, shoes if needed, and outer clothing.

The $5,500 award is from the Edgar and Hannah Hetteen Fund ($4500) and Gibbons Family Fund ($1000).

Beds for those in Crisis

The Beds for those in Crisis program assists people in the county who experience the loss of their beds through natural disasters, such as fire or flooding, and those fleeing domestic violence. The Salvation Army serves people who have a critical event in their lives in the past 90 days that has caused them to seek assistance.

The Red Cross provides a cash voucher for a motel stay, food and some clothing for approximately three days and then refers those victims to the Salvation Army, who helps them find and pay for permanent housing, beds, furnishings and food.

The $5,000 in award is from the Edgar and Hannah Hetteen Fund ($4105), TJ Maroney/ Barzen Donor Advised Fund ($500), and Stanley and Helen Kangas Senior Sharing Fund ($395).

PHOTO: Mattresses are newly rebuilt by the Salvation Army and provided to families in crisis who have lost their homes to fire or other disasters.

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