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The Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation administers almost 100 separate scholarship funds for the betterment of the Greater Itasca Area. Each Scholarship Fund at the Community Foundation has its own unique criteria. Depending on the fund, some criteria are specific, while other times standards are general. “Over the next few weeks, we will be awarding numerous scholarships to deserving recipients. We want to share the story about many of the scholarship funds with you in this news column,” says Sarah Copeland, Director of Grants and Programs at the Community Foundation.

What good do you want your money to do?

“I’m not sure people realize the generosity of our neighbors,” continues Copeland. “Everyone has a unique story and unique reason for giving, and the Community Foundation invites you to be part of how our community supports and celebrates education and life-long learning.”

Please check your Herald Review during June for a special Academic Excellence insert section to see photos of the recipients.

Supporting Greenway High School Students

Many Greenway alumni who appreciate the education they received from attending school in Coleraine, give back to graduating students by offering scholarships through the Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation.

Zack Adams Memorial Scholarship

The Zack Adams Memorial Scholarship celebrates the life, upstanding character and skills of Zack Adams who graduated from Greenway High School and studied Diesel Mechanics at Alexandria Technical College. Passionate about working with his hands and fixing things, this scholarship is offered in honor of Zack, to a senior graduating from Greenway High School. The Greenway recipient may attend any qualified vocational, technical or certification program.

Lou and Mary Alice Barle Memorial Scholarship

The Lou and Mary Alice Barle Memorial Scholarship was established by the Barle children as a memorial to their parents. Lou Barle was a coach, teacher and Athletic Director at Greenway High School. Originally designed for students graduating from Greenway, this award also reaches out to other students who are passionate and skilled in sports, solid team ethics and display strong academic standards. Education is important to the Barle Family, and supporting students who understand the individual character and life-long team lessons taught through participating and excelling in sports is a wonderful legacy to Lou and Mary Alice Barle.

Rae Graham Memorial Scholarship

Grace Stephens presented the first Rae Graham Memorial Scholarship in 1999 in memory of her sister. This scholarship is intended for two graduating seniors from Greenway High School, one planning to major in education at a two or four year college or university, and one pursuing a two-year technical degree or certification through a vocational, technical, or community college. The recipient must be in the top half of their class and demonstrate community or church involvement.

Greenway Spanish Scholarship

The Greenway Spanish Scholarship is offered to a graduating senior from Greenway High School who successfully passed (or is currently enrolled in) the Spanish III course. While grades are important, this scholarship looks at the student as a whole. Successful candidates display a love for the language, utilizing Spanish in and out of the classroom. The student’s effort in class is a high priority in the selection criteria.

Lavona M. Jasper Scholarship

Lavona Jasper was a Greenway Area education icon. She began teaching in 1925 with an AA degree from the Duluth Teachers’ College. Over the next 13 years, she continued her education through night courses and summer school in order to contribute to the family’s goal of ensuring all the Jasper children were educated. In 1938, Lavona finally received her BS degree with Distinction from the University of Minnesota.

Lavona’s career as an educator spanned 46 years, all within Greenway Independent School District # 316. She taught in LaPrairie and Greenway grade schools, and finished her career at the Bovey Junior High School, which bears her name and where she eventually became one of the first female principals in the state. Throughout her career, all students, particularly those who most needed her no-nonsense approach, knew her for her fairness and dedication. Lavona believed education was the stepping-stone to a better life, and she had a fervent desire to prepare students to make a positive contribution to their communities.

The Lavona M. Jasper Scholarship is intended for a graduating senior from Greenway High School who plans to major in education.

Edgar R & Bess R Mullins Award

Bess Mullins originally established the Mullins award in memory of her husband, Edgar. After her death, her children, George and Judith, continued to fund the scholarship in memory of both of their parents. They established the criteria, for the Greenway faculty and principal recognize one male and one female from the graduating class who demonstrate athletic involvement, scholarship, leadership, citizenship, and a well-rounded interest in community and school. The Edgar R. and Bess R. Mullins Award may be used to attend college or a technical school.

Bill Prigge Scholarship

The Bill Prigge Memorial Economic scholarship was established by the Prigge family in memory of Mr. Prigge, a longtime President of the First Bank of Bovey (now known as American Bank). Bill Prigge was active in several community organizations and a community leader during his 30 years in business. This scholarship is intended for a graduating Greenway senior who is planning to attend a post-secondary school with an emphasis in business or economics.

Anyone can give to one of these scholarships at the Community Foundation. Did you attend Greenway? Did you know Lavona Jasper, or work at the bank with Bill Prigge? Maybe you appreciate Greenway teaching Spanish to a more diverse, ever-shrinking world. Did you learn important life lessons from Coach Barle? You can help support the continued education for our community by giving to existing scholarships at the Community Foundation.

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