Hill City invests in students and community

Jan Ferraro Memorial Scholarship

Jan dedicated 46 years of her life working in education including 34 years as a beloved teacher at Hill City Schools, deeply touching lives of many students and teachers with her vast knowledge and bubbly personality. Her love of teaching was apparent to all. She was a Christa McAuliffe fellowship recipient and was nominated for Teacher of the Year. She also worked for the State Department of Education as a consultant and taught a Master’s Program through Hamline University. After retiring from teaching, Jan’s passion for reading led her to consult with schools throughout Minnesota as a reading specialist. Because of the love of family and friends, the Jan Ferraro Memorial Scholarship was established at the Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation. This meaningful legacy provides a Hill City High School graduate with $5,000 over 2 years.

St. John’s Catholic Church of Hill City

Anyone interested in attending school or getting more education or training who was a member of St. John’s Catholic Church in Hill City is encouraged to apply for scholarships through the Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation. Applications are open from January 15 to March 15 of each year at the Community Foundation’s website. Last year, we awarded four scholarships. This year, we are providing five, $1,000 scholarships.

Hill City Area Community Scholarship

Almost a quarter of a century ago, the Hill City Lions and the Hill City Fire Department decided to invest in the future of local students. Starting in 1997, the Hill City Lions provided four scholarships, each valued at $500. Over the years, graduates from Hill City High School have received over a quarter million dollars in awards thanks to the Hill City Area Scholarship Funds. Now, both the quantity and value have doubled providing approximately ten, $1,000 scholarships to seniors each year.

Hill City Area Community Fund

In addition to scholarships, the Hill City Area benefits from community grants. Over the last 2 decades, the Lions Club has been tirelessly dedicated to investing in the entire Hill City Area. In 2016, they made a substantial donation to initiate the Hill City Area Community Fund. This fund will provide grants across the area “in perpetuity” (forever!) to support needs that improve the quality of life. Current examples of this include support to the annual 4th of July Parade, the Jacobson Community Center Easter Events, and to National Night Out. The Hill City Area Community Fund embodies Community Giving to Community and provides a way for all community members, current and past, to make a gift to the community they love. This could be a current gift to help the advisory committee reach their goal of $200,000.00, or it could be a heartfelt and meaningful gift from your estate. From now until the end of the year, donations to the Hill City Area Community Fund will be matched 1:1 – doubling the impact your contribution will have on your community! Contact a Hill City Advisory Committee member, call the Foundation, or simply click here.

Hill City Area Community Fund Advisory Committee members:

  • Grace Derfler

  • Tom Fasteland

  • Bill Flynn

  • Janet Hatfield

  • Sue Kaslow

  • Dan Kingsley

  • Bill Klennert

  • David Lange

  • Mike Lentz

  • Anne Marcotte

  • Darrell Mishler

  • Maureen (Mo) Mishler

  • Stephanie Payment

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