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Since 1990, students graduating from Northland Community Schools have been eligible to apply for the Northland Scholarship. In 2013, the scholarship committee partnered with the Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation to take advantage of the Foundation's fiscal strengths, administration tools, and other scholarship opportunities for their recipients. Over the years, alumni have joined with generous local businesses, churches, and individuals from the greater Remer/Longville area to support and encourage their most valuable asset... their children. “We worked with other national scholarship organizations in the past,” says Kristian Myers, committee member. “But after realizing the benefits of working with the Foundation, we moved all our assets and took advantage of the scholarship administration and promotion. It's been a great partnership.”

“Over the years, the Northland Scholarship has increased their number of recipients,” notes Sarah Copeland, Director of Grants and Programs at the Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation. “For 2019, five students will receive the Northland Scholarship. Applicants must be well rounded, successful academically, and serve the community throughout his/her high school experience. I think it is amazing what community can do when they join together. The Northland Scholarship Funds are the perfect examples of an entire community investing in the support and education of their local youth.”

A progressive scholarship

PHOTO: Northland Community School

The Northland Scholarship is “progressive”, offering four-year recurring awards that provide an increased amount of funding for each successive year. Therefore, a Northland Scholarship recipient receives $500 the first year, $750 the second and third year of schooling, and $1,000 for his/her senior college year, making a total award of $3,000.

Anyone can give to the Northland Scholarship Fund.

The Community Foundation definitely appreciates the partnership with the Northland Scholarship Committee. “The committee brings the passion, while we bring some capacity and expertise to the management of these scholarship funds,” states Chris Fulton, Executive Director of the Community Foundation. “Our job in managing the endowment is to make sure these scholarships stay around forever. The generous gifts community members provide today to the Northland Scholarship Fund will serve Northland Community School students well into the future”.

PHOTO: Inside Northland Community School

Fulton continues, “We often ask, ‘What good do you want your money to do?’, and for many businesses and individuals, that “good” shows up through support to their local community. In rural areas, the hub of the community can be around sports, church or the school. Supporting the growth and success of the next generation is usually a top priority. If you are interested in supporting graduating students from Northland Community School, we want to hear from you.”

The Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation has been connecting donors’ charitable intentions to community needs for over 25 years to make our Greater Itasca Area – and the world – a better place to live. We invite you to become part of the great work we do and to include us in the conversation with your financial or estate planner to answer the question “What good do you want your money to do?” For more information, look around our our website or schedule a visit by calling (218) 999-9100.

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