The Community Foundation administers scholarships that support all District 318 students from Bigfor

Richard H. & Elaine T Aune Music Scholarship

The Richard H. & Elaine T. Aune Music Scholarship was established at the Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation in 2001 by the Aune Family to celebrate Elaine and Harry’s 50th wedding anniversary and their love of music.

Harry had a long and successful career as a music educator, teaching in Bigfork and Grand Rapids until his retirement in 1990. He was a prominent figure in the music and cultural life of Grand Rapids. He led the church choir at Zion Lutheran Church for 27 years, conducted the Blandin Male Chorus for 17 years, and his beautiful baritone voice blessed the community at numerous events and countless venues.

The Richard H. and Elaine T. Aune Music Scholarship is endowed, meaning it will forever support students graduating from Grand Rapids High School and Bigfork School who want to pursue study in the music fields. This scholarship is a wonderful addition to the legacy of Harry and Elaine.

Bill & Ruth Powers Education Award

Back in 1994 – 25 years ago - District 318 transferred the Bill and Ruth Powers Education Award to the Community Foundation. “It is hard to believe how fast time can move through our community,” notes Sarah Copeland, Director of Grants and Programs at the Community Foundation. “By the year 2000, the scholarship provided $1,000 yearly to a student studying arts and humanities. Students from Grand Rapids and Bigfork would apply, and our first committee would evaluate all the applications until we got down to three males and three females. Those six final applications were then sent to a second committee for evaluation.”

PHOTO RIGHT: The Bigfork Bots received a grant from the District 318 Endowment Fund to support their robot.

Copeland continues, “Susie Saxhaug received the first Bill and Ruth Powers Education Award from the Foundation in 1994 for $400. . This endowed Fund continues to grow and since 2000 has provided a $1000 award each year to a deserving student due in part from its investments and partly due to generous donors. The Bill and Ruth Powers Education Award is a great way to support local students who want to study the arts and humanities, and anyone is welcome to give to this fund.”

This scholarship is intended for students with a “B” grade point average (3.0) or better, who have enrolled in a two-year or four-year college or technical school to pursue a major in the field of arts and humanities.

Catherine M. Anderson Memorial Scholarship

“People talk a lot about workforce development and our local workforce needs. Our area will continue to need teachers, especially due to teachers retiring each year. More than a decade ago, 12 years to be exact, the Catherine M. Anderson Memorial Scholarship was established to support future teachers,” states Chris Fulton, Executive Director of the Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation.

The Catherine M. Anderson Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of Catherine Anderson, who taught for 31 years in District 318, including four years in one-room country schools in the rural Itasca Area. This scholarship supports females who are interested in pursuing a career in education.

Anyone can donate to these funds that support students from District 318. If you are interested in seeing this year’s recipients, watch for the Academic Excellence insert later this summer in the Herald-Review.

District 318 Endowment Fund

The District 318 Endowment Fund resides at the Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation and exists to provide supplemental funding, independent of the school budget, for educational enrichment opportunities for students in Independent School District 318 public schools.

Examples of special projects that have been funded include a climbing wall at Cohasset Elementary that enhances vocabulary, LEGO Robotics Kits at RJEMS, digital cameras at Bigfork School that mix art and math concepts, and a drone for the Grand Rapids High School Math program.

Funding is community driven, made possible by generous donors to assist and enhance the education of kids in our schools.

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