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Once again, I cannot believe my eyes when I look at the calendar. It’s almost the middle of August. While it seems as though I have mowed my lawn 16 times, I haven’t gone fishing, I haven’t cleaned out the garage, and I haven’t weeded that excellent space for bean and tomatoes in the corner of the back yard. (Okay, weeded is not exactly the correct word. I haven’t even taken a shovel to the grass.)

Busy Little Bees

For all of the things mentioned above that have not been accomplished, a lot is happening at the Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation. Have you noticed that it is back-to-school time? The Community Foundation is all a buzz, getting ready to send scholarship checks out for local recipients. For 2019, we are providing about 200 separate scholarships for local students who want to go back-to-school. “There are so many different goals and dreams of local people. We have wide-eyed high school graduates off to the first adventure away from home, determined young women and men who found a passion and are eager to get a certification, adults with a touch of gray venturing from a job to a career, and every variation in between,” states Sarah Copeland, Director of Grants and Programs at the Community Foundation.

Copeland goes on to explain the work the Foundation is currently doing in the scholarship process. “There are numerous IRS and governmental laws and regulations surrounding scholarships. The Community Foundation understand and abides by all these regulations. One example is how we issue scholarship payments. We send the scholarship directly to the school, as opposed to issuing a check to the student. This not only complies with regulations, but it insures the scholarship is used for its intended purpose, and the student doesn’t have to claim the award as income. Win-win. I always like that!”

Most scholarship checks should arrive at the financial aid office of the school between the middle and end of August. If you have not received your scholarship by the end of August, please give us a call.

Awarded Scholarships

If you were awarded a scholarship from the Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation, and have not submitted a Claim Your Scholarship form (attached to your application), you need to contact Brianna Spry as soon as possible. Contact Brianna at: or call (218) 999-9100.

Need A Scholarship, Or Want To Support Education?

If you are interested in applying for scholarships, the Community Foundation’s Scholarship Cycle is from January 15-March 15. Applications are accepted online, here at our website.

If you are interested in supporting education or students who desire further learning, please contact the Community Foundation. We are always interested in listening to your ideas, and discussing the best ways we can help you reach your goals.

Business Makes All the Difference

If you are a local business, and are interested in hiring and helping to provide the most skilled local workers, contact Sarah Copeland. She remarks, “Our local employers need reliable, skilled workers, and I believe that working with local businesses to reach their goals benefits everyone in our community. The more we work together to help businesses succeed, the more our community thrives.”

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