Greenway Area Community Fund meets the match!

Greenway Area doubles fund through matching challenge grant

The Greenway Area now has something else to celebrate in addition to last year’s hockey performance – they met the match! Congratulations to the Greenway Area Community Fund for meeting the Community Giving to Community challenge grant. The Greenway Area Community Fund is the first of five community funds to reach this goal, which gives testament to the motivation and hard work of the Fund’s Advisory Committee, and even more importantly, to the generous and caring members of all the Greenway Area communities. Thank you! We could not have reached this goal without your support and donations!

Greenway kids help meet the match

Isaac and Joey Tammi, Miranda and Rylee Thomsen, Lennon Greelis, Preston Troumbly, Sammy and Louie Forconi, and Makenna Sobtzak started to paint rocks this summer to benefit the Greenway Area Community Fund and they sold them at a garage sale. Mindy Tammi says, “We have a very generous community, and with donations for Greenway Rocks, the kids made $1,000! With the match from the Blandin Foundation grant to the Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation, the kids provided $2,000 back to the community they live in. It’s amazing! Greenway does a great job instilling Greenway Pride at a young age, and they all truly believe they are at the best school in the world! You know, I thought we would be painting 10 rocks - not 50; but the kids found special rocks, painted them green, and put Greenway sayings on them. I have to say a special thank you to those who purchased rocks!"

To understand the significance of this milestone, some background is in order. In 2015, the Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation visited city halls across the Itasca Area to discern interest in establishing Community Funds. These funds are endowed by the Community Foundation, and invested for growth, while at the same time, providing annual earnings that are returned to the community in the form of grants. The Community Foundation manages over 130 different endowments that serve a variety of charitable purposes across the Greater Itasca Area.

The Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation submitted a grant application to the Blandin Foundation discussing the possibilities of harnessing the vast generosity of the people in the Greater Itasca Area. “People in the Greater Itasca Area are so generous and giving. By combining the power of endowment and community,” notes Fulton, “we can help local communities provide for their own, unique needs.” The Blandin Foundation agreed, and awarded the Community Foundation a $1,000,000 challenge grant, providing $200,000 to match donations to five Area Community Funds supporting the Deer River Area, Greenway Area, Hill City Area, Nashwauk Area, and the Greater Itasca Area.

Greenway Area is the first to meet the full match of $200,000!

The Greenway Area Community Fund, through the match and donations, now has an endowment of slightly over $400,000. This fund will generate a distribution in 2020, to begin granting to local needs.

The Greenway Area Community Fund Advisory Committee is set up to represent all the local communities in the Greenway Area, including a representative from the Beefy Lawson Memorial Fund. The communities include representatives from: Bovey, Calumet, Coleraine, Goodland, Keewatin, LaPrairie, Lawrence Township, Marble, Nashwauk Township, Pengilly Township, and Trout Lake.

Fulton concludes, “The Greenway Area Community Fund will continue to grow through estate gifts and donations honoring this special area called Greenway. Our grandchildren’s grandchildren are the beneficiaries of this good work in keeping this area such a great place to live, work and play.”

We extend a special thank you to all the founding donors who have made this milestone possible for everyone in the Greenway Area. It will be exciting to see all the good that will happen because of you.

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