Current and Planned Giving

Wow! It’s already December. It is often hard to believe how quickly the pages of the calendar turn. I think of the song by The Byrds:

To everything (turn, turn, turn)

there is a season (turn, turn, turn)

and a time to every purpose, under heaven

The Season of Giving

We are now in the season of giving. Last Tuesday was #GivingTuesday. All around the world, people took time to give to local favorite charitable organizations and programs. Four of our local Community Funds were set up, open house style, and greeted neighbors with coffee and cookies and doubled donations.

  • Deer River Area Community Fund was at Woodland Bank.

  • Hill City Area Community Fund was at Roadside Market.

  • Nashwauk Area Community Fund was at American Bank.

  • Greater Itasca Area Community Fund was at the Community Foundation.

Current Gifts

Most people who stopped in provided cash or a check, and got their donation doubled. This type of giving is considered current – you have the money, and are gifting it now. We are very thankful for current gifts – as are other nonprofit organizations – for without them, we could not do our jobs nor fulfill our mission.

The Season of Reflection and Planning

What about other types of gifts? What about other seasons? For many, the end of the year is also a season of reflection, thoughts about priorities, and what is really important in life. It seems to me as though every December, I vow to get my IRS act together, and start doing tax stuff right away in January. You know, start the year off right. However, that takes planning. My mom is good at planning.

Planned gifts sustain nonprofit organizations and charitable programs. Instead of operating for today, planned gifts allow your favorite programs to do good and give back in the future. Providing a planned gift to the Deer River Area Community Fund allows your children and grandchildren to see a better Deer River. However, as you can imagine, a planned gift takes planning.

Okay, It’s Really Not That Hard

A planned gift is simply a gift in the future. Designating the Community Foundation in your will is a planned gift. You simply designate the Community Foundation to receive a set dollar amount, or even easier, a set percentage in your will. As an example, if you are from Hill City, and have three children, you could say, “you know, Hill City was good to me. I’m going to split my will into four, and provide for my community, as well.”

Right now (until the end of the year), you can double your donation to Community Funds at the Community Foundation. If you are interested in hearing more about the impact you can have with a planned gift, give us a call or stop in to the Community Foundation. We are right on the corner across the street from the Old Central School.

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