Hill City Area Community Fund Gives $2500 to Second Harvest Mobile Pantry

The Hill City Area Community Fund recently donated $2500 to Second Harvest Food Bank, and this donation will support the pop-up pantries that are held in Hill City and Palisade. The Hill City Area Community Fund is a community-based fund that provides discretionary grants to projects and initiatives in the Hill City area to improve the quality of life for the people in the communities of Jacobson, Swatara, Palisade, Hill City, as well as Macville and Spang Townships.

Your organization may also qualify for funding! If you are a 501(c)(3) or other not-for-profit organization in the Hill City area and have a project or initiative that helps out your community, the Hill City Area Community Fund encourages you to apply for a grant. Please contact any Hill City Area Community fund committee members, call 218-838-2011 and leave a message or email zzzahtram@northlc.com or william.flynn.55748@gmail.com.

From left to right are Tom Fasteland, Dave Lange, Mariah Nelson (Mobile Pantry Coordinator for Second Harvest), Mike Lentz, Jennifer Raushel, Anne Marcotte

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