Scholarships & Educational Grants


The Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation's scholarship application season runs annually from January 15th - March 15th.

REMEMBER to send a note or letter of appreciation for your scholarship.  The name and address of where to send the note is located in the packet you were presented.


If you need a reminder of where to send your thank you, please call Brianna at the Foundation.

(218) 999-9100

Claim Your Scholarship!

In order for us to process your scholarship, we need to know where you are going to school.  Return to the Scholarship Portal, and complete the "Claim your Scholarship..." form that is attached to your application.  If you received more than one scholarship or education award, you only need to complete one form.  

Deadline to Claim your Scholarship: July 15


Recurring Scholarships

You must submit a copy of your cumulative transcripts to the Community Foundation at the end of each semester (usually June and December) in order to have your next payment sent.   Transcripts are uploaded through our Scholarship Portal.

Important information about claiming your scholarship and not losing financial aid

We do not want your scholarship to be “displaced”.  In other words, there are ways that the dollar value of your scholarship, in some instances, can reduce the amount of other financial aid (other scholarships, grants or loans you are offered).


It is the intention of the Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation for you to receive a reduction in the direct cost of your education and/or your student loans/work study.  If you have questions or concerns, contact your school financial aid office or the Community Foundation at: (218) 999-9100.


350 NW 1st Ave, Suite E  | Grand Rapids, MN 55744  |  218-999-9100

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